Just a tall nerd who loves to write 

So many fandoms, so little time.

I am a fan of:
•Harry Potter
•Suicide Squad

I'm a Slytherin!

You know what I'm not throwing away? MY SHOT

"If you get hurt, hurt them back. If you get killed, walk it off."

Ron Weasley is too precious for this world. Too pure.

Founder of the Bruce Banner Protection Squad

"Why do you write like you're running out of time?" BECAUSE I HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW

"Why spiders? Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?"

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justjillian justjillian 18 hours ago
Posting a new chapter of Little Girl tomorrow so stay tuned!
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Little Girl {Sherlock}

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Description: "If you call me Nancy Drew one more time..." 14 year old Vivian Watson is John's niece who Is staying with him for the summer while her mother is on business. When Vivian gets there and meets his...


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Immortal {Avengers}

Immortal {Avengers}

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At first, there was nothing. Then, there was Lin. No seriously. Lin was the first human on earth. She...


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