@jungjoonyoung5555 I'm sorry for demanding more form you, sorry for behaving like child.. I like you, I like all your stories.. Iloveyousomuch.. I always wait for you everyday.. read your stories can make smile all day.. remove all my stressed.. you the best author for me.. good luck for your career and life.. I'm promise that I'll be your reader that have a manner..


@jungjoonyoung5555 welp I do love my baby brother but he does sometimes an itch I can't scratch away 


@jungjoonyoung5555 mixed emotions there,it's a love-hate relationship for me.


I am a silent reader with occasional messages . Loved your every form of writing .i read only your stories in Wattpad no one's I am reading this account is only to read yours  when you said you will stop writing i withdraw the account but came to reread and found you again . Will be waiting for your every story either its power or effortless or the story of young kongathanin with arrange marriage with arranaged baby the whole series I waited for it and read countless times along with many . Love you and you will inspire me  with your messages and before notes and after notes are lovely . Recently ,"" they are younger because when they have them they thought it's enough kids "". I told this to many and can't forget the laugh it got on my face . 


As usual I'm reading here.  I love you as a writer because in addition to doing it well you are extremely prolific, you have a lot of stories!!!  and I like all of them.  I can spend months reading here and when I finish I look and I see that there is already a new one, I love that.  You write very well!!!  Don't listen to the trolls, go at your pace, you're amazing.


          One of your silent reader but constant reader
          Yours stories I really like them... gives relief from stress from work life.
          So focus on yourself only...you are doing so good....so what others says in negative way doesn't matter.
          Enjoy your hobby which gives you happiness...for others why should you take stress.
          At last keep writing 


i love all your stories and i try to read all of them. thank you for sharing them to us and thank you for making all those wonderful characters,scenes and plots.they are my go to stories when i want to read something to relax,destress or laugh. i love your forthbeam,parklam and other pairings and ghostships. do take care and i hope you feel better soon.


hi phi jung!! hope you feel better soon ❤️❤️❤️
          just want u to know that i really really enjoyed ur new books LBBT. thank you so much for write that amazing story. being a fans of taetee and paveldome, your book such a wonderful universe for me. thank you for make my day better.
          pls dont listen to hateful comments and negative people.
          take your time phi jung. i will wait for your next chapters. always. ( ◜‿◝ )♡


I need everyone to see this message and come show Love to our P’Jung! No matter the time or date please fill up her wall with our support. She should be thanked for sharing her awesome stories with us and not berated. She is human just like us and she chooses to be here with us. She may not be a god but her lifeblood is in her stories and our attention gives her the energy and excitement to create for us so, please, come and say with your whole beings, how much you appreciate her. Let’s pour upon her head lots of love and support because without her some of us don’t see the joy in this filthy world. Thank you P’Jung. Thank you fellow readers. We are loyal. WE LOVE OUR AUTHOR!


Dear writer.. 
          I really wanted to have a chat with you for sometime..but being an introvert i lack words sometime..but today again i came across your dissapointment in your writing..i read not only the chapter but also your intros to every chapter..though i don't comment so often but i always give vote whenever I read one..your stories give me so much relief in my stressful life..i wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart..also i wanted to request please don't get hurt or dissapointed with some mean words...you are doing a wonderful job..your words give a lot of happiness in my life and i hope to many others also...i also you generally don't reply to messages and i don't expect one.. i just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job..you are an honest person and it is my request to you to please continue to give us immense happiness and joy...i know there are mean and cruel people but also remember that there are also some caring and encouraging people...
          Please do take care of your health..and take care of your family too...
          With lots of love to you and your family...
          With sincere regards...


@Easterrabit childish is best... and yes just focus on yourself and all the good things..,bad things are trash anyway.., should be in the dustbin..
            Please do continue your good works..don't let it be wasted for some trash..take care 


@Easterrabit thank you. I read every message and comment. Rarely reply because i dont know what to say. I am an awkward person, i think. I will continue my okd stories and focus on me, leaving annoying readers on my new on going story. It’s better. That way, the only remain is the nice one. LOL. Childish me is childish