Hey there, I'm Iyanna!

Thank you for checking out my wattpad.

A few fun facts about me:
-I love food
-Music is my life
-I'm a Bando
-Reading is my first love
-Sleep is my hobby

I am currently a senior in high school! Yay! Class of 2015!

A few of the stories I've fallen in love with on here:

-Death is My BFF (both the old and new series)

By: Katrocks247

-Dragon of Legend Series

By: voif1d

-A Proscriptive Relationship (and the rest of the books she wrote on Chris and Holly or related to them in some way :))))

By: XxSkate2Girl16xX

-A Penny's Worth of Affection

By: rosesarered27

-Reapers: The Thirteen Brothers

By: Tsubame

These are only a few of the many stories I have read on Wattpad, and trust me they are deliciously good. I probably cried reading every single story.

Well thanks again for stopping by! If you would like to chat just post a comment or ask me for my email. Okay Bye!<3 :)

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junebug13 junebug13 Aug 19, 2012 08:02PM
@xLostInMyDreams hey Allison!!! email me sometime! i'd love to see pics of Willow and you :)!! here's my email. Iyannar3567@aol.com
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the Horrors of Jubee Ryder

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Description: Jubee Ryder has just begun high school. She was a normal girl, a plain Jane, really she was. Until Davory Wilks and Alvernia Lerone showed up and ruined her first adventure, or did they make it far more intere...


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