❥ im aussie
❥ im obsessed with Adam Young from Owl City
❥ i have no enemies, because i think hate is a useless emotion
❥ im very honest and will tell you when you do something wrong
❥ i can be very random at times and very serious at others
❥ im a lover <3
❥ i have multiple views on almost every subject
❥ i will usually only talk to people who can hold a good convo :)
❥ im very social
❥ sometimes i may appear mean but im actually really, really nice
❥ i love funny people
❥ if you're funny, we will become friends almost instantly
❥ im almost always involved in a discussion
❥ im creative, so if you ever need help with ideas, just ask me :)
❥ i also make book covers :))
❥ i didn't use proper grammar in this cause i cbf
❥ i love nicknames and will give everyone i talk to one cause thats how i roll ^.^
❥ not gonna write anymore stuff cause cbf and i wrote too much already
i legit gotta change this cause it sucks shieet

rock on pretty babes \m/
IM OUT <33

from a very scrumptious muffin that's hiding in your closet ;)
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    in Adam Young's (owl city) dishwasher
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    Jul 10, 2012 07:47AM
julianacampbell julianacampbell Nov 13, 2012 04:55AM
@cookieraiderlovesyou ehe it's all good ^-^ chat laters bro!!! 
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