Love your books!
          also pls finish the girl who belongs to him it's really good Xx


Just wanted to say, love your writing style. Keep going, please


So I just read Nick the mafia kings story. Great job. So are you writing one for Alex.  Please please please. Thank you. BRAVO


Tbh I usually don't like to read mafia type stories but ur story "The lonely king" is AMAZING. I like it so much. This story is so perfect that I can't get over it. I would love to read ur all works, you are such a good writer.
          All the best for your future work ❤❤❤


@RASH_OT7 yes the story is completed only one side role couple first meeting story has not given which author said she'll give atlast. You can read the story that one I don't think it is important because it already said in between somewhere 


@RASH_OT7 hey I want to read the lonely king but it says it's last updated in 2019 . So is the story completed or not . Cause I don't want to read incomplete story ...and think about it forever n forever ..