Bah-weep-gragnah wheep nini bong!

Hey it's me Juicebox and that's not my real name obviously. But just call me Juicebox or JB.

If you readers and/or writers need any advice or tips, I'm here for it! I love writing and I love giving any help if anyone needs it. Writers of wattpad are a community to me and this is a great way to communicate with others for any future authors.

I'm totally up for Transformers Roleplay. Transformers in general such as G1, Bayverse, Prime, Animated, or Robots in Disguise.
Warning about roleplaying with me, I do NOT do slash or any romantic scenes like smut OR anything related...just no...stories should not be around that or even involve it. I can do PG romance like a hug or something related to that but nothing further. ALSO! You must play more characters than just your own. It makes the story boring and it just isn't fair for me if I play all. There should be a balance.
No bot is perfect so don't make it that way. Your bot could be the daughter of Primus but she'll still have flaws. And hate the character not the roleplayer. Just because my character doesn't get along with yours doesn't mean I hate you. It means my character has certain standards and certain morals.
No human cursing. They may say it in the movies but I like to keep it clean so if there's going to be a curse, replace it with a Cybertronian one.
Write in third person please. It makes it easier for the both of us. Side note, no **, please. This is writing.
If you respect my wishes then we can make a great Transformers story!
Reasons why I roleplay:
1. It is great practice for creativity and quick thinking.
2. It helps with writer's block.
3. Who doesn't like to write?
Sorry for any errors in my stories. A simple comment to let me know or a bit of advice would be appreciated. I never look back and proof read, especially now that I'm so busy. Thank you!

I am officially apart of the Ultra Magnus and Prowl Defense Squad with @UltraMagnusTFP

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