Hey waz good people call me Jojo I'm from Orlando, Florida *South side* I love 2 meet new people chill and hang out. I'm very laid back and very RaNdOm. love to make people :D uh...... love photography I like to read and write poems (that's why I join this website) and my b-day is on Jan. 1 *yup new years* 

Likes: eating, sleeping,read, texting in class, jamin real LOUD, home movies, and Chinese food.

Hates: rude people and lairs

The 411:
I am very random person who likes to see other people smile.

My favorite color is Pink ^_^ I like to watch sponge bob/ adventure time in my pj's while eating honey nut cheerios with no milk :D

BTW most of all my books come from me having a dream then waking up one day saying "hey that could be a book" or I look at a picture and I say "hey that could be a awesome book cover" and they ideas start flowing out

------>Want 2 know more hit me up<----------

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(")_(") world domination!!!
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    At your house eating all your food :D
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Description: Jackie is a full time clown, she spends her time getting paid and putting smiles on people faces. So what happens when a rich CEO asks her to give up putting smiles to every kids face and hires her to be a mother to his son, and putting a smile to a...

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josie321 commented on The paid Mother - Chapter 25

up to the part where he gets coffee it was all in his mind like it's a dream. because u know when someone is calling it name that was Jackie because he got shot. and then he felt that pain. idk I'm sorry if it doesn't make any sense. I guess I should have written it better.
josie321 commented on The paid Mother - Chapter 25

"Where the fuck is Kevin" I said looking around the room for Kevin. I found Volkv he was slowly getting up from the ground with a gun in his hand. I watch him as he was about to take a shot at someon...
that scene was. how does this sound say.....like almost a dream. it was all in Kevin  subconscious   mind