Like most of your reading and writing junkies on here i love reading and writing.  So i guess i'm a junkie too.  Look we already have something in common!  Anyway, I'm very blessed to be where i am today.  God's given me a complicated but amazing family and the best and most supportive friends.  

I enjoy pretty much anything. I love sports like hockey, baseball, and occasionally football. I'll listen to any type of music but my guilty pleasure is My Chemical Romance. I love doing art work, fixing things, food, working out, and traveling. Oh, there is one thing i don't like. Heights. I like my feet on the ground and enjoy keeping it that way. Oh and i hate being sick. so very icky :P
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My Chemical Romance

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Description: When Eva learns to play guitar, its for no reason but the joy tht comes from music and a form or theropy. But what happens when she agrees to be in a band and somehow ends up with a full time contract with an...


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A Ghost Story

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Trusting a Wolf

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