I end up writing a lot in my car. I park in some parking lot and eat my breakfast. Then I write for about an hour and then I go to work. It's the hardest and the easiest part of my day.

Just so I remember for myself:

2012 04 12 SF 01
2013 05 11 - 07 27 SS 01
~11 weeks ( ! )

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2014 04 19 Adventure 01

Tree of Life
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Okay. Just a couple of things. ^_^

1) Please do not edit my works for spelling or grammar. Thanks!

2) I am so sorry people, but I no longer take read requests. Any requests left anywhere on my pages will be quickly deleted. Again, I am so sorry about that. Thank you for paying attention to this. :-)

I thank you guys so much for following! ^_^ You're the best!! Oh I'm so sorry, but I...uh...I don't do the...the 'follow back' thing. Sorry! :P


Writing is like bleeding.
I can only do a little bit at a time.
It's very painful.
I do a little, and then I rest.
I do a little, and then I rest, again.
Eventually what takes shape is a smaller version of me, but still every bit me, because at its most basic--it is me.

This other version of me, this littler one, unlike the real version of me

will live forever.


I would like to show my special gratitude to @audreymei, as she has read every last little word that I've posted on wattpad so far! ^_^ Thank you!

And as always, thanks to Cantabile for all eternity for all of her marvelous covers.
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john_chan john_chan May 17, 2016 11:53AM
Okay, so this is something new. 0_o
      I've never written anything in Chinese before, not like a story, anyway. So, here it is! Um...anybody out there read Chinese? :-/
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Description: This is the first story I have ever written from beginning to end in Chinese. It's quite short, actually. It's practically an essay! Ha! I hope you like it! :-)

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