"Follow your dreams and never let go."~🌹
"Directioners are legends and legends never die."~💙
"Eat, sleep, fangirl, repeat"~👐

Things You Should Know About Me:
🍁My full name is Joanne Chiang. Nickname is Jo.
🌱I am who I am.
🍁I'm a Directioner, Zquad, Mixer, Harmonizer, Lovatic, a part of the 5SOS family and a Potterhead. Oh and I like to imagine that I'm a Demigod ;)
🌱You can find me in a wide range of books with weird comments.
🍁I'm sassy, salty, and sarcastic. I'm triple S.
🌱I'm weird, abnormal, unique and different. I guess that's the reason why I'm so awesome *winks*
🍁I have a strange obsession over things that rhymes. SO IF I REPLY WEIRD COMMENTS ABOUT RHYMING THINGS, DON'T JUDGE.
🌱My birthday is on July 31st, I'm a Leo ♌
🍁I'm a horse lover 💙🐴
🌱Swagever 8)

I haven't written any fanfics, guess why?
Cause I suck at writing.

I'm a B.I.T.C.H.


So I guess that's me

BYE! Have a nice day, you're amazing :D #1D #LM #5SOS #5H #Demi #Zayn

Thank you for wasting 3 mins to read this :D
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