this message may be offensive
long time no see just passing by to say im gotta continue my hiatus for awhile until the end of the year. only because i havent been motivated lately and im just getting tired of editing and i want a good and long break.
          	i will be most likely be active on instagram @/_jiminist if you want to talk to me from time to time
          	look i got pm asking repetitive shit and im tired of it so im gotta ignore them and i will say it now so please read carefully.
          	What program do i use to edit? Photoshop
          	Do you accept graphic requests? No
          	Can you teach me or give advices on graphics? No
          	Asking me to read or vote for your book: No
          	Why did I deleted my yt videos? Fresh start and some people are just ignorance
          	Can we be friends? Sure but dont use me if you want to learn graphic and im a pretty bland person and dont expect we to talk about bts 24/7 (im actually mutifandom) and my life isnt just about kpop so dont message me, "omg u like bts too!!! ME TOO" //starts ranting about bts non-stop


@jiminist- take as long as you need (super late, but we'll be patient and wait for you :))


Lmao savage queen 


@jiminist- uh we don't know each other well but hope you feel better after the hiatus? 


I'm really looking forward to seeing your graphics again. I know it's really hard to start being active on wattpad again esp after a really long hiatus but I really hope you start uploading your graphics again cause they gave me so much inspiration. You were and still are someone I look up to even if you're not currently active.


aLICE !! happy new year & belated merry christmas imysm i hope u’re doing fine in uni luv <33 


hi alice !! ♡ i hope you have a very merry christmas and happy new year. i love you so so so so much. thank you for being one of the bestest friends i have ever had in my life - i wish that we can talk more in 2019, just like how we did in 2018. love you ♡