First note: Yes, my books are published outside of wattpad and under my real name. Jilguera is a nickname of mine and a handle I use for wattpad only. Thank you! Shout out to @sugarsweetmiracles for my banner! Thank you!!!

Now about me (cue drum roll please)
1 - I'm in my early thirties married and a mom of three (I do have a section with son of my daughter and maybe my son's work).
2- I live in Tennessee
3- I have a degree in Criminal Investigation and currently work as a security guard
4- I started writing when I was about fourteen but never actually put anything out there till I joined Wattpad.
5- I know my grammar, punctuation, and spelling sucks(with my learning deficiency all I learned in school fell through the cracks of my brain) but I'm learning a lot through my editors and reading. Also typing in word helps me catch some of my mistakes.
6- I lived in Spain for about 10 years
7- Jilguera means a female golden finch (a bird) in Spanish...the one that's as my pic, obviously. :P
8- My favorite foods are anything with nuts
9- In the epic question between vampires and werewolves...Werewolves beat Vamps any day
10- I have an odd and wacky sense of humor...if you haven't noticed by now

I will take reading requests but I don't guarantee that I will read what you request! I don't usually get into teen fiction, inspirational, fan fiction or poetry I might check it out.


Favorite Series:

Walking Dead
Game of Thrones

Favorite Books:

The Jane Yellowrock Series
Lord of the Rings
My Life As a White Trash Zombie
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My Next Door Neighbor (Wattys2015)

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Description: Trent Harrison has been living in the tiny town of Maplewood for nearly a month now. Despite the nosey locals and the over friendly women carrying pies and casseroles it's just what he needs. His own private escape from a pushy mother and a ex that...

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Therianthrope: Curse of the Hybrid(Wattys2015)

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I am hoping to get back to writing and reading your stuff soon. I changed shifts at work and haven't gotten into a routine yet
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My next review is for Magic 4 Fire by @Jules992. This is a young teen fantasy about a thirteen year old girl. Her apparently normal family isn't quiet so normal.  The prologue and first chapter are good. Jules992 does have some pacing and flow issues but it was really entertaining to read. Unless you’re ultra picky, I think you'll enjoy it too, especially if you like fantasy and/or Harry Potter. It has a very Harry Potter feel to it without being a blatant rip off. 
      The main character, Amber is likeable and realistic so far.  I really enjoyed reading her interactions with her siblings. Kind of reminded me of my brother, sister and me when we were little. So if you enjoyed Harry Potter or enjoy fantasy, then give Jules992's book a chance. Read it here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/47810502-the-magic-4-fire
jilguera commented on The Magic 4-Fire - Chapter 1

I liked it, you gave the setting a real domestic and homey feel. I enjoyed the interaction between siblings. It's off to a good start but I did see a few issues that might throw off readers. First, it felt like you were rushing a bit with the plot and pace. Description can help slow it down without necessarily making it boring. Take time to describe why she feels so excited about her birthday, how the pan cakes taste,why are m&ms her favorite. This may seem pointless but it will tell us who she is and how she thinks. Another thing I noticed is you used a lot of simple sentences and