Hi I'm Tyler and I don't really use this since AO3 is better but I like anime. 

The Juicy Shit:

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Gender: Male (I'm trans)
Sexuality: Bi/Pansexual (I use them as interchangeable terms)
Stance on Ace Discourse: Ace people are not LGBT+ if they are cis and/or 'heteroromantic,' I have no opinion on ace + aro people, as I believe they are neither cishet nor LGBT+.
Stance on Q slur, T slur, F slur, and D slur: The Q slur is bad, don't use it when talking to me, the T slur is mainly targeted at transwomen, though I still believe both transmen and women alike have the right to say it, though transmen should limit the use, F slur is targeted at gay men and transwomen, so I believe both parties can say it though I believe transwomen should limit their use of it, D slur is a lesbians only word, not for ever WLW/saphhic.
(At the end of the day I dont really care what you say since I love idubbbz and joji and max)
Stance on Non-Binary Genders: NB people are real, they're valid and you should respect them and their gender, along with their preferred pronouns.
Stance on MOGAI discourse: MOGAI is bad and confusing and can die and rot.

Extra Stuff:

Every character in every anime I like is trans and I don't care what you say lol.
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Stories by ao3 is better
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I like anime
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