I am a novice, evolving writer of e-fiction (for the time being) looking to get my first creations out there. Please offer feedback and, ideally, Constructive criticisms of my writing, if you would. Even if it's only a word or two, I'd very much appreciate your thoughts.

I have made my short story "Family Care" free. Please take advantage--and review! :) Also check out the 2nd edition of "The Goat and the Heathen."

You can also locate copies of work at Barnes & Noble.com, Amazon.com or GoodReads.com.

If you'd care to contact me about my writing or merely 'commune' with another SW author, e-mail me: jessacallaver@aol.com. I very much welcome the opinions of fellow readers and writers.

I'm working on two projects at moment that should be out by late November! Will keep you updated!
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