Hi I'm jeshaki ! And people who are reading this thank you , yes you person with eyes and hair and a face  for looking at my profile lol ! Well now that your here ill tell you about me i was born on the day of -- jk but i'm friendly and like to chat so come by and say hi some time and i like to read so recommend stuff I promise to leave a nice comment  I like anime especially hetalia , black butler , nyan koi and many more but dont want to write them all here lolXD  . Games I play hetaoni , Pokemon , and some other that I forgot the name of.

Yeah so um that's all I have for now sooo yeah bye person with eyes and hair and a face lol jk but bye have a nice day ~

♥♥• •♥ • ♥♥• •♥ • ♥♥• •♥ • ♥♥• •♥ • ♥♥•

"Life is like music - Sing it

Life is like food - Enjoy it

Life is like love - Feel it

Life is like a dream - Live it "

♥♥• •♥ • ( ♥♥• •♥ • ( ♥♥• •♥ • ( ♥♥• •♥ •

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living"

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, Why shouldn't it be? it's the same as the angels breathe"

"All the world's a stage, all you have to do is step into the spotlight."

"This is my voice. There are many like it, but this one is mine"

"I can fill over a thousand pages telling you how i feel, but still you would not understand" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[[ Zodiac: (Hetalia)

[] March 21-April 19(Aries)=America

[] April 20-May 20(Taurus)=Spain

[] May 21-June 20(Gemini)=England

[] June 21-July 22(Cancer)=North Italy

[] July 23-August 22(Leo)=Germany

[] August 23-September 22(Virgo)=Liechtenstein

[] September 23-October 23(Libra)=Japan

[] October 24-November 21(Scorpio)=China

[] November 22-December 21(Sagittarius)=Austria

[] December 22-January 19(Capricorn)=Switzerland

[] January 20-February 18(Aquarius)=Russia

[] February 19-March 20 (Pisces)=France ]]

*-H-* Put

*-E-* This

*-T-* On your

*-A-* Profile

*-L-* If you


*-A-* Hetalia ♥~
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thank you soo much sorry that im replying really late but i just read it and i think it was the best too ! thank you so much for typing this :)
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