"Seen it all, done it all.. Can't remember most of it."

Hello! Jeruel Bert Caagoy here...

I love to:

Read. My favourite authors are (without a doubt, the #1 in my list) Jodi Picoult, and of course, the never-dying romance novelist, Nicholas Sparks (Obviously, he's the second :D)! I definitely love them both!!.

Write. Hmpp.?? Obviously, I’m still trying to discover if I do really have the potential to write!

Favourite Music

Anyways, I thank you with all the enthusiasm I could handle, for visiting my page on wattpad! And I appreciate what you just did.

Please try to read my stories and poems! And could you please leave a comment after you read it? I could really use your help. Your suggestions are the biggest help you can give to me.
Please Vote if you liked my stories/poems. It would also give me the pleasure to write more!
And lastly, don’t hesitate to become my fan if you want to support me.

Thank you!
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jeruelc jeruelc May 14, 2011 04:27AM
@glancingButterfly haha.. yeah! you just did. :)))
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