Uh hi?
          I remember watching your tiktok about The Class Prince (I think that's what it was called) a couple months ago and I just wanted to see what you were doing and I ended up finding your Wattpad account hehe. Your tiktoks always bring me pure joy even when I'm at my worst. I just wanted to ask if you are doing alright and if your family is well. Stay safe!


Thank you~ Overall, I’m doing well. I hope you are, too!


Hi so I lost a compition with my friend so now they are making me send you this because they are too much of a pussy with social anxiety to send it to you themselves and I'm a loser for well losing and it's my punishment to copy and paste this text and send it to you word for word or else my friend will murder me. yk what it's weird talking in third person lets switch to first person 
          Hi please don't make fun of my book- hopefully you won't find it coz its not mlm nor is it popular but yes it's cringy and if you make fun of it I will cry- and if you don't care then ig I'll just accept my free bad promo okay byee sorry for taking your time