this message may be offensive
tw/ suicide
          	"if i can't kill me, you can't kill you." - my depressed boyfriend to the depressed me. sometimes we are each other's only reason to be alive. what kind of au is this bruh


@KPopfan1990 ohhh i might check it outtt


I wouldn’t mind reading this. It reminds me of a Thai BL drama I’m watching called UWMA (Until We Meet again). It’s so sad, but can be interesting, romantic, awkward and other genres. It’s really good 2 watch; just make sure 2 have a box of tissues w/ u. LOL. I cried throughout the episode I’ve watched so far. 


I just thought of a good poem, hope you like it:
          Roses are red, violets are blue...
          I wrote a fanfic and it's waiting for you ;))))))