My name is Anjelika, but I've gone by Jellie since day one. I am a storyteller, where I combine the roles of author and artist together to create immersive experiences for my audience. 
I've been obsessed with stories since I was little, being in charge of all the adventures and playtimes of the kids on the block, and on the playground, and so on growing up. I fell in love with animation and cartoons when I was a little one, and it blew my mind that people work with others to create these stories for us to enjoy...for a living! So, I wanted to write and create and visualize stories for people to get lost in, for them to have worlds to explore, and to be inspired in. I pursued this in my undergrad at Seton Hall University & then hopped right into my master's program, MFA Visual Narrative, at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I was the youngest of my class, but that didn't hold me back. I was dubbed the pathfinder of my class, always looking for new ways into a project and tackling obstacles with zero caution and no fear, and always down for an adventure!
I am a Gemini, so I have two sides apparently - but I'd call them the whimsical and the wicked, with urban fantasy and urban legends being my passion. I love spooky things and also glittery things, so combining them into fantastical stories that could also make your skin crawl is awesome. I love indie games, especially ones that invest you in a story, like Night in the Woods. I am always ready to face a challenge, and always looking for the next project. I want to make people feel things when they experience my stories, and the ones I've worked on with others. I want to make magic for the rest of my life.
To sum things up, I'm Jellie, I'm a pathfinder, I love the skies the seas and a few things in between, I write and draw, and I'm just getting started.
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