I'm a husband, father and recent grandfather who's pretty good with computers and work in IT as my day job. I've always enjoyed writing and creating stories but never believed I could write novels as more than a hobby. I started writing many years ago about a few fantasy ideas I had and doing a lot of world-building, mostly for myself at the time.  I thought of a story line that tied into the mythos of the world and decided to write a novel.  I'm currently working on final revisions of that novel. With more time on my hands than I had in the past, I plan on finally publishing it.

I started a draft for a collection of short stories about the world that the above WIP resides in (title is not final). It will be in first-person style as a character living in the world with some ties into the novel. I plan to post these on Wattpad for fun, to practice and get feedback about my writing style.

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