I like books with plots that make me read for hours. Thats why I joined. Book made by everyday people. I love books with all Types of relationships BOYxBOY,GIRLxGIRL or straight. I also like GenderBender,Cross Dressing,Fantasy,Mystery,And Romance in General. I could like any book as long as it has me hooked with excitment! Thats all really.

Well bye~
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jazzyx222 jazzyx222 Aug 27, 2015 07:31AM
I just wrote for the first time! I may not be that good but I gave it my all! So Please give it a read. Feedback is welcomed!
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The Seeing

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Description: Oliver Kai is a girl. No really! She just looks like a pretty boy! She doesn't know it but her pretty boy face and her power to 'see' will lead down to better things even if it doesn't always seem like the bes...


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