there are alot of thing that you should not know about me. none  of them are bad it is just my acount keeps being hacked into and by bio got deleted so i am not going to put much down
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jassyk jassyk 2 years ago
@SarahNicole1Dxx i don't really mean it and anyways no one would care if i did 
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Poems by Jasmine Kittle

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Description: This is just basically going to be random poems that I right. some are about love others are not. I hope u enjoy


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why me, why now, why him.

why me, why now, why him.

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Jesslynn was a 14 year old girl who was dyslexic and flat chested. Jesslynn was always bullyed about her...

why does love have to be so complicated

why does love have to be so complicated

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This is going to be a story about two teenagers who are madly in love but everyone does not want to see...


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