Im a sweet, nice, random, some-what crazy person. xD I basically write to pass the time, and to express what I'm feeling. Hope you guys like my stories.

Certain details in my stories have happened to me, so not everything is completely made up.

Lemme know what you guys think. Even if its bad, constructive criticism is good.
-xoxox <3
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jar12099_x2 jar12099_x2 Jun 21, 2015 02:14AM
Hey all you wonderful people! An update for MWMBB shall be up shortly now that its summer time! Can't wait, and I love you all! 
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Crazy? If You Say So.

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Description: Crazy? If You Say So. is a tale of a young woman who was involuntarily admitted into a mental hospital. Her family, the doctors, society, and the world have told her she's crazy, and deserves to be there; all...


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Messin With My Bestfriend's Brother

Messin With My Bestfriend's Brother

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What would happen if you suddenly didn't hate a specific person anymore? What if you started hanging out...

My short stories/one-shots. <3

My short stories/one-shots. <3

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All of my stories. I wrote a few of these when i was younger. UNEDITED


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List