Janykay here! 

Straight to the FACTS!:
I LOVE music! (can't live without it!!)
I LOVE writing! (as you can see the reason I am in WATTPAD)
I LOVE reading!! (Major bookworm)
I LOVE christmas!! (It's a magical day!!)
I LOVE my ratty tatty bear!! (His name is Bearto, pronounced "Bear-toe")
I LOVE nail polish!! (A girl can dream to have each color in the world... sigh)
I LOVE fashion!! (I sound like a girl, that's because I am- prefer vintage ;)
I LOVE food!! (Major glutton!) :P
I LOVE beaches (figures... I'm a California gurl!)
I LOVE people!! ( especially funny ones- I wish to a psychiatrist some day)
I LOVE God!! ( He's really amazing~!)
I LOVE Chocolate!! (can never be a vegan.. sigh)
I am a vegeterian (yes, I eat rabbit food...)

and last thing..
- Each new addition are my special motivation to keep writing!!
- I love their comments good/bad, and appreciate them :)

So guys..


BTW: If you lovely people read these little things about me, CONGRATS!!
you're an awesome fan!! XD

Leave a comment below and talk to me about ANYTHING!!
I'd love to know what you guys are thinking!!
I'm no EDWARD!! XD

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