Jakob Wissel recognized from an early age that he would be connected to the globe. Throughout his life, he has achieved several successes and pursued a variety of routes that have brought him closer to his family, friends, and community. Jakob Wissel, an ardent traveler, a man of religion, and an accomplished individual has had an eventful life and continues to welcome change daily. Wissel is the guy he is today because of his devotion to his family, professional accomplishments, exceptional law school achievement, and connections he has created.

The birth of Jakob Wissel occurred on August 22, 1996. Wissel is the first member of his generation to realize the American dream since he was born in Ocala, Florida, to German immigrants Ditmar Wissel and Linda Wissel. He credits much of his early life to them since they raised him to be a proper young man who pursued his aspirations, particularly in a different geographical region, providing him with the pressure he needed to succeed.
  • Ocala, FL
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