i'm crazy as hell
I love all things mythical and paranormal.
I also have to say i'm a fan boy to any paranormal romance I've ever read don't kill me cause twilight's one of them.
i always wanted to write one of my own so i am an amateur.
i like:
shiny things
old tv shows
hot shy dudes
shounen ai
"If you have ever, Taken a blade to that beautiful body of yours, Skipped a meal at least once on purpose, Cried youself to sleep because you weren't "good enough", Tried any form of self-harm, Thought of/attempted to take your own life, repost this, lets see how many of us there are"
/ ___ ___ \
/ / @ \/ @ \ \
\ \___/\___/ /\
/ /\\\\\//
| |\\\\\\
\ \\\\\\

Put this On your Profile If Your A Night Person.1 question . 1 honest anwser. You can ask me 1 question (IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE) about anything, no matter how crazy, dirty, publicly indecent, embarrassing or wrong it is. No catch, I will answer, but i dare yu to post this on yur profile and see what people ask you

♀+♀=♥ GENDER
♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀=♥ MATTER
╔╦╦╦╦═╗Put this on your page
║╩║║║╔╗if you love giving away
╚╩╩═╩═╝ hugs.♥.♥.♥.
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jacobwuvsu jacobwuvsu Nov 13, 2014 03:22AM
@NickyChuck aaww thank you so much 
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