Weeeeelllllllllll my name is Elizabeth Gordon but everyone jus calls me lizy, liz n only ma parents call me beth.

Ma favourite subjects are Literature and English cause i got a passion for poetry and writing

Im currently writing a book that i hope to finish and that people would like it

Consider me to be a Carribean Bum thats backwords.....I hate the sun (prefer the cold), Hate the fact that enough hopping malls a'rent down here and i am in loooove with Europe, mostly England :).

I love the color blood red, purple and the shades balck and white!!

Favorite Sagas:
House of Night
Vampire Academy
Hex Hall
Night Huntress
Used to loove Twilight... :/
And plleeeeeeenty more to name :D

Im dark skin with kinda goldish, auburn hair and im 16 years old (17 in December), dying to graduate from High school!!
And finally did, in first year college now (y)!!! HAHAHA :D

How could i forget!!! My bestfriend on wattpad is RozalittleDamphir lol completely <3 her!!!! she's now know as PaperDarlin and is also my new stalker BAHAHA!!! (muahahaha!) - inside joke lol. She writes awesome books btw so check em' out!! ALONG WITH MINE!!!! :D

=D so thats mee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope ya'll read ma books when i upload them and enjoy i guess.

Peace! <3

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    Somewhere in the World :D
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    Aug 25, 2010 12:56AM
izzywizy izzywizy Oct 02, 2012 04:54PM
seriously!!!! :D finallllllllllly lol im gonna look nw! :D
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