Hi, I'm a cookieholic and I like making friends... too bad I'm good at scaring them away :P
Here's what I'm good at :

1. Stealing people's Oreos or chocolates. >:)
2. Laughing at nothing in particular at odd times.
3. Making people think that I'm slightly off in my head somewhere.
4. Staring at oblivous couples make out. - I'm not being rude, I just wanna see how long ppl can go without breathing!
5. Eating Oreos and chocolates :DDDD
6. Dancing... no, like goofy dancing. My ballet teacher hates me. :P

Here's what I'm bad at:

1. Being normal. :(
2. Getting my point across to people
eg. "Why won't you listen to me, mom?!! The cookie flew into my mouth! I did not steal it!"
3. Saying 'no'.
4. Flirting. *facepalm* (most embarrassing habit)
5. Staying still. Oh, the agony...
6. Counting. - I'm still watching Count Dracula on Sesame Street teach me how to count :)
7. The list goes on...

Besties with @Blake_Horne :) i love him to bits haha.

xx I want your cookie! xx
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