Welcome! My name is Ivan and I'm one of the creators of Wattpad. Take a look around, I hope you find something you like!

I enjoy mystery and science fiction stories. I also like #travel stories. I am always looking for something good to read. I also occasionally write. I hope you check out my stories and tell me if you enjoy reading it.
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Forgotten Hero

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Description: An unknown energy force threatens the safety of the station. As the crew investigates, they discover Jake and Nog are missing. This is a speculative script I wrote for the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The script was accepted by the produ...


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Fried Chicken, A Belizean Tradition

Fried Chicken, A Belizean Tradition

2.4K 44 33

A journey through this Central American nation in search of its true and unique identity.

In Search of Sea Monsters

In Search of Sea Monsters

1.4K 47 38

A true story about giant sea creatures that lurk in the night.

High on Cotopaxi

High on Cotopaxi

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Follow me on an adventure in the Ecuadorean countryside.

Sparkles_R_Shiny posted a message to ivanyuen
 Hello! I want to thank you for making this site! I love Wattpad... Maybe a little too much... But that isn't important. 
       Writing keeps me sane--well, as sane as I can be--and it makes me extremely happy to have a place to do it! I used to have it all hidden away on Microsoft Word, too embarrassed to show it to anyone, but when I was introduced to Wattpad, I discovered that sharing it is the best feeling in the world. 
       Where most teenage girls would be spending their time worrying if some boy liked the selfie they posted on some social media site, I am jumping up and down while smiling like an idiot (something my friends have dubbed "The Votesy Dance") because someone read/voted/commented on my story. 
        Thanks again so much! I love this site so much! Writing makes me happy like nothing else does, and having somewhere to show it makes it a million times better! Without it I'd probably be egging cars and rolling houses and... wait, no, I'd probably be sitting in the corner playing video games on my phone. Haha! :) You guys are the best!