Happy Lunar New Year!


Hi! So i received a message that Wattpad will be undergoing some form of maintenance on Tuesday to fix some bugs. I really hope that applied to the ranking system as well because in some genres, like adventure, scifi and mystery, certain stories have stayed stagnant at the top to the dismay of many writers who want the same chance with their stories. Thank you!




Hi pal, 
          I made a werewolf book, I publish every one chapter on Friday or Saturday or could be both.
          I don't know if I did well or not because it's my first time. 
          I kindly ask that you read the first and second chapters and tell me what you think? I would like to hear anything you say. o(^▽^)o
          If you're not interested in it, just say so, I don't want you to.feel like you're rude.