Do you like fantasy and adventure novels? We have a new hub for eastern fantasies, also known as wuxia. Take a look, post your stories, and start connecting with other wuxia fans: https://www.wattpad.com/user/wuxia


@ivanyuen I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WUXIA !!! thank you so much for shouting such an under-rated community out ! :D


Oh Also... What's with Wattpad saying that you should re log in coz your bla<3 is expired... I hate that men...
            Also, thanks for creating wattpad


I've always passed by your profile and didn't even realize you were part of this great creation until i saw your name on this watty article then I realised, 
            "OMG...Wait... The Evan? The one on wattpad?" So I came visiting here and I was like...
          "Theee... Ivan?" So cool