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@ivanyuen I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WUXIA !!! thank you so much for shouting such an under-rated community out ! :D


Hi Sir Ivan, Thank you so much for creating Wattpad because tbh, if it's not for this, I wouldn't found something in myself. Now I love writing <3


Hi Ivan,
          Many thanks for adding Faces of the Wind to your reading list.
          I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback.


Thank you for adding Villains For Hire to your reading list, and thank you so much for co-creating Wattpad! I've been on this website for over five years, and it's become a sort of virtual home for me :)


Hi, Ivan. Thank you so much for creating wattpad! I've made so many friends here and wouldn't trade my experience on the site for anything. I really admire your work :)


Thanks for revisiting and voting for The Art of the Hustle 2, I'm stoked to see you reading it again! Hope all is well :)

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