Call all horror writers! Submit your story to #TNTHorrorContest for a chance to win $20,000. More details here https://www.wattpad.com/user/TNT


@ivanyuen Hello there! Thanks for making wattpad a reality! 
          	  I wonder if you gonna announce any sci-fi contests  with the chance also to win money...Many authors like me, are poor (Greece is in big financial crisis for example) and we have no ways to promote our books, edit them even translate them...is really so hard! I thought to ask you bc I saw your comment here on conversations about a contest on horror stories... Maybe would be nice to see more often contests like this one about more categories! :) Thanks again :)


Respected sir,  
           We have been given an entrepreneurship project in our high school, where we are supposed to interview our ROLE MODELS. As of me, I ADMIRE and ADORE wattpad for what it is and what it offers. If it is not of any inconvenience to you,  would it be somehow possible for me to schedule a skype interview with you? It would be nothing personal, just about your enterprise and what difficulties you faced when you set it up. I tried to get in touch with Allen sir too, somehow it didn't work out. I would truly be honored to get to know you and your journey. I would heartily be waiting for your reply.  

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