-Lacey Is the name.  Lace will do.
-English and Filipino are my Languages. It doesn't matter, right?
-I'm not the worst and the best writer you'd ever want to praise over here on watty. Cos' basically not one of my stuff has proven anything good in them. (For me, I think)
-I'm just a day dreamer who use to create stories by her own Ideas (sort of)
-Obviously the coolest dumb.( I just do stupid things and most of them pretty much are cool!)
-Sorry for my mistakes and misunderstandings (I just don't know how to appreciate people who gives a sh*t about me lol)
-Not being what u think I am. (Im not that bad but I am not that good either.)
-I'm simple, Simple as that. ;)

"Writing when imagination is working is the only way to get what has been taken by someone" -Itsmyswag16

© L a b e l l e d N o o b n e s s ®
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itsmyswag16 itsmyswag16 Nov 16, 2012 09:46PM
@RoselleJazareno Sure :) Check inbox. :)
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