Hello everyone!

My name is Daron.

I mainly write poetry. This is my passion in writing. I mostly write about love or heartbreak, but there are other topics there too. Feel free to check out some of my poetry.

I also write stories. My first story, She Took My Breath Away, is officially published on Amazon! Those of you who like my romance poetry or like romance will like that story. Here is the link to purchase it for $12.81:


Those of you who like murder, horror, suspense, and mystery, I have a story called We The Jury Find You Dead. Trust, it will have you hooked from the start...or at least that's what my fans say...

I love talking to people! Feel free to contact me anytime!
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I appreciate those that take the time to read my work!

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A poem describing my social anxiety and depression

She Took My Breath Away - Prologue

She Took My Breath Away - Prologue

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This is the prologue to my novel, "She Took My Breath Away". If you like it, feel free to buy on Amazon...

Dear No One

Dear No One

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The Military Dad

The Military Dad

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its_dbigs commented on Rest in pieces

Oh okay that totally makes sense! And I love it! It might have read that way it was just hard to understand only because of the way the sentences were structured. Once you edit the structure this story will read the way you intended. Sometimes we need a second eye to look at our stuff; happens to me all the time. If you want, I will gladly reread it and give you feedback on it. Great work!
its_dbigs commented on Rest in pieces

First off, great work on this story. It seems like a nice idea and has the potential to be a real page turner. However, I was having a hard time understanding the plot. Why was this person going to this house? Is there a reason why a random man showed up and killed this woman? Also, if he killed her, why did he not attack the narrator or why did the narrator not try to run away? It seemed odd that the narrator would just sit there and watch a brutal murder. With that said, the narrator should be removed and should tell the story in third person, or you can have a person present to witness the killing, but have the character make sense as to why they are there.
      Next, you tend to reuse descriptive words, such as curl. I would recommend using a wider variety of descriptive terms. For example "Nervousness encompasses the pit of my stomach". 
      Lastly, most of your sentences used the wrong tense with verbs which made each sentence a fragment. Just reread any time you use a verb ending in -ing. Try using past tense versions of those verbs. That will make it easier to read.
      I don't intend to sound mean so if I do, I apologize. I just thought I would pass some constructive criticism to a fellow writer. In the end we are here to get better, right?
      Happy writing!
its_dbigs commented on The One Night Stand - Prologue

I will start by saying this is a strong start to the story. It certainly serves it purpose by drawing the reader and making them curious about what happens next. This story seems interesting, yet I felt there was something missing from this. When I read this, I didn't get the full perception of the woman's thought process. She wakes up with a headache, not knowing anything about where she is or who she is with. For example, the room was large, but where is everything in the room? I would think her brain would be receiving a flurry of information about what happened the night before or what her surroundings looked like. I think that more description about the setting would have bolstered the prologue. However that is only my opinion.