Hi readers! Upcoming chapters available on "Is It Love? Stories" games:
          	March 11: Colin 2 (Chapter 2)
          	March 25: Ryan 3 (Chapter 10) and Colin 2 (Chapter 3)


          I just want to propose something for the team, generally what the people love more in Is It Love is the histories and since you have a page in Wattpad the 1492 Studios cannot published the histories there? Like a book? That certainly will please the fans and give that anwsome histories a conclusion as well! Sorry to bother you with this and again thank you for giving us this wonderful histories! 
          I would appreciate if you could answer me back! 
          Thank you very much!


Hey guys, I just wrote this story about shifting realities to hogwarts, it's actually a story between realities and a enemies to lovers story.. I hope you guys check it out and I'll do the same let's support each other