Hi readers! Upcoming chapters available on "Is It Love? Stories" games:
          	March 11: Colin 2 (Chapter 2)
          	March 25: Ryan 3 (Chapter 10) and Colin 2 (Chapter 3)


          I just want to propose something for the team, generally what the people love more in Is It Love is the histories and since you have a page in Wattpad the 1492 Studios cannot published the histories there? Like a book? That certainly will please the fans and give that anwsome histories a conclusion as well! Sorry to bother you with this and again thank you for giving us this wonderful histories! 
          I would appreciate if you could answer me back! 
          Thank you very much!


Hey guys, I just wrote this story about shifting realities to hogwarts, it's actually a story between realities and a enemies to lovers story.. I hope you guys check it out and I'll do the same let's support each other 


Heyyy please read my stories ive worked hard and am trying to get out there this is my escape from my stressful,depressing life...please read and keep up the amazing work Bc you killing it will follow