Striving is all i live for in this Mad World.
I strive to be the best.
I strive to be known.

But sometimes i feel that being where i am makes me feel that it is not worth it. Its not worth doing this things.

Though i am determined enough, sometimes i just want to give in and just let the wind take me to where it is heading. But i do not want to because the more i fail the more guilt i feel for not giving my best shot. now i am left with a lot of confusion. What will i do? what do i plan to accomplish?

if this world is not permanent...would i even dare to try to be somebody???? would i take a risk of knowing my real worth???? would it make A DIFFERENCE TO TRY???
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It takes two to kill

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Description: THIS IS A COLLECTION OF PIECES I DID IN THE PAST.... NOW THAT I FIGURED OUT, I NEVER THOUGHT TO "TO KILL" WAS SOMETHING I WANTED AS A FAD... Killing makes my heart raise... and my blood boiling in EX...


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Am i DEad-??

Am i DEad-??

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