Hellllooooo ;) (if you watch Marcus Butler,you would see why I did that ;) )
14 years old,wut? \m/
Love Teacher/Student Relationship Stories <3
I play the Clarinet and LOVE it,learning to play the Guitar,and later maybe Piano :)
I love to read
Going to be a freshman this school year \m/
SINGLE <3 You remember Sterling though,yeah,we're talking again and I kind of still like him. ^.^
I want to be a vet :)
You can usually find me either reading,listening to music,or watchin' people on YouTube,oops d:
Everyone thinks I'm quiet(Trust me,I'm not)
Rainella is my unbiological sister :) @27Tattoos I don't know what I would do without her :D
Katie is my best friend,she goes to my church,and trust me,our youth is awesome!!! :D
Another one of my friends is Kayli,she's also my Wattpad buddy :) @VampireDance99
My Wattpad buddy,I might not know her,but she's extremely cool :D @eriberrie_rawrz
I have a little teenie obsession with Sleeping With Sirens(Did I say teenie?I meant huge xD)
I listen to TONS of music <3 Mostly Screamo though(if you even wanna call it that d:)
I live in Illinois,and have been to Kentucky,Indiana,Missouri,and Tennessee :)
Ashley,she's my best friend :D She's extremely random :) Haha :P @Ashleybasketballd
Heather,she's also my best friend :D She's awesome :) Track was pretty fun :D @HeatherKistner
Oh,and Hollywood Heights:BEST SHOW EVER,literally :D It really needs to come back on....like seriously :c
^^Yep,Daniel Howell up there being all swaggyyy c:
If you want me to read one of your stories,don't hesitate to ask <3
I'm quite a friendly person :)
And I think that's about it,Byyyyyeeeee(as Marcus would say ;) )
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isalina isalina Oct 30, 2013 01:06AM
Put up "Dear Alex" or no?It's pretty much like letters to him....
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