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I love reading 'the boy who broke the rules' hope to get more uodate  more power 


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@paulemmanuellaeseosa You buy them from the app


Please please please update wicked in love. Thank you xx


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I love your books thank God i read them before they were paid stories


          "A Curse is a Curse even if it's meant for protection"
          Sara thinks she's a normal human until she discovers that she belongs to a sacred bloodline of the golden wolf which is cursed. Being the only one who could break the curse, she should break it before it breaks her.
          When Sara joins Mr. White's industries which are run by the Alpha of Crescent moon pack, she couldn't help but fall for his charms. What she fails to understand is that she is walking on a road that is waiting to tear her apart. 
          When canceled dates and mysterious encounters set her towards the journey of truth, she comes across a whole new world of supernatural with her own mother being a wolf.  
          By the time she discovers the truth, she realizes that everything comes at a price and the price is something she is not willing to pay. 
          She has to make a decision before its too late. 
           #Updates every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday#


She's not the chosen one, she is the cursed one. His curse and his redemption.
          "No, we can't" my breath hitched as his thumb traced my lower lips making the world around me spin.
          "I'm your mate Luna, you are mine as much as I'm yours" He kept his head on mine closing his eyes before he crashed his lips on mine sealing our deal.
          He is my forbidden fruit. 
          I'm his only hope.
          But we cannot be together, it'll only bring chaos and destruction.
          She who is born from the willing sacrifice of hundred souls who were in complete agony.
          She who is born to destroy the evil and to bring peace.
          She who is with the power to rule the world.
          She who is born with a destiny to fulfill.
          Throughout her life all Luna wanted was to feel loved and accepted.
          But what happens when she realizes that her destiny is to kill her own mate?
          Who will she choose her destiny or her mate?