Hey guys!! Irishturtles is a shared account... Or is it? This is shared by two amazayn directioners Joanna and Aislyn.  WOOP WOOP PARTAY!
Find me (Joanna) on twitter! @imniallsfajita
Lol Aislyn doesn't have a twitter because she is a lonely cat lady.
I love my friends, food, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, chai tea, writing, and NIALL HORAN.
I am currently taken by Niall Horan and we plan to get married.
My craziness is what makes me a banana.
MWAHAHAHA I need to go now, I have to throw bananas at my cats. ADIOS AMIGOS. NOW HERE IS MY BFFAE AISLYN.
Hello to all races! I love you all. I'm super outgoing, and I'm pretty hyper most of the time. I have ADHD. But that shouldn't stop you from loving me! I love to write because I'm a loner like the rest of you guys. NERDS UNITE. Oh and happy belated Halloween! I love meat too. *insert sexual face* bye luff you guise! Muah muah muah!
~Aislyn the bacon masta
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Torn (A One Direction Fanfic)

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Description: Anastasia and Emily are moving to England. They are young and free girls looking for an adventure. Little do they know that they'll meet the whole band of One Direction on a private flight, which leads to a big adventure in itself.

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