I LOVE FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love to read books, books and more books!!!!!!
Quote "Stop waiting for Prince Charming, and go look for him. The idiot may be stuck in a tree or something"
Quote " It may be the HuMAN race but Karma's a BITCH"
We found the THIEF
we sailed the SEA
We fought the CURSE
we journeyed the LABYRINTH
We saved the OLYMPIAN
We Thought it was Over...
We discovered the HERO
We found the Son
We followed the MARK
We've seen the HOUSE
And now, we will shed the BLOOD

We defended the STONE,
We found the CHAMBER,
We freed the PRISNER,
We were chosen by the Goblet,
We fought alongside the Order,
We learned from the Prince, and
We mastered the Hallows.
We are the Harry Potter generation

Post this on ur profile if u smile every time some1 says the word "dam"
------{。^◕‿◕^。} (◕^^◕)-----
|...............| Pυт тнιѕ oɴ yoυr
|....Pull....| pαɢe ιғ yoυ нαve
|............O| ever pυѕнed α
|...............| door тнαт ѕαιd pυll.
☻/ This is Ⓑⓞⓑ...
/▌Copy and paste him every where you can.
/ \ Soon he will see the sun and the stars

Also I'm seriously RaNdOm

4 girls are talking. 1st girl: Team Edward or Team Jacob? 2nd: Totally Team Edward. 3rd: Team Jacob all the way! 4th says: Twilight is dumb. I'm on Team Nico di Angelo #TEAMNICO! (post this on ur profile if ur the 4th girl)

The girl you just called fat?
-She is over dosing on diet pills.

The boy you just tripped?
-He is abused enough at home.

That guy you just made fun of for crying?
-His mother is dying.

U think u know them. Guess what? U DON'T! Re-post if u're against bullying. I bet 99% of u won't, but REPOST this if u're that 1% with a heart.
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
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@Money_face_for_life Thanks and if you have any ideas of what you want to read in the next parts message me!
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