I was born on October 17, and in some countries 17 is considered an unlucky number, like half of the world regards the number 13.
I never concisely dreamed about writing stuff, but one day I got fed up by reading a bunch of books with awesome plots and awesome possibilities, but almost no emotions in them. I could not feel a thing by reading them, I could not feel what the characters felt, I could not feel joy, pain, sadness, rage or hate with them. To make up for this, I spent half of my time dreaming up fanfictions of anything that inspired me, from "The Lord of the Rings" to Tokio Hotel, flying through countless other subjects. In my mind, the way I thought them, they really made me feel. To keep myself from forgetting what was, to me, one of the most emotional stories I had ever imagined, I started writing down Kampf der Liebe. I didn't try to make it consistent until half of the story, and I never thought about showing it to anyone save my best friends. I paid no attention to a decent structure of setting and plot until about chapter 18 or something. It was just a mass of different episodes I had made up. Out of curiosity, after a long time in which neither of my friends could read what I was writing anymore, I decided to put this up somewhere and see how it went. This is the result. I don't know if I was successful at writing something that would make the readers feel everything they needed to, or if I only produced something I alone would like to read. It is up to you to decide.
I don't like to beg for votes and comments, and I normally don't, but they make my day! I do answer =)
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invisiblylonely invisiblylonely Dec 26, 2015 02:08AM
Hi guys! I just updated "Mad World". I realize that I'm a horrible person and I should have never let this go un-updated for as long as it did. I AM SO SO SO SORRY. So if you were for any reason stil...
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Description: My weird version of what happens to Loki after The Avengers, inspired by tons of feels and a very active summer.


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