Hello my names may I'm a drawer (anime-chibi like drawer may¬_¬) and I hope that we can all get along *glares at the haters* 'I'm watching you'I can't comment in 7:00 or after for..........personal reasons and here's a little about meh (>0w0)>
-I LOVE candy and nutella to death
-I am a HUGE pervert but don't show it
-my dear sister is @lilolmabel
-mommy!! @faithhearn123
-godmother!! @skytord
-I'm 14
- I'm weird and insane(sometimes)
-I'm a girl
-I'm bisexual
- I love creepypasta,bendy and the ink machine,legend of Zelda,anime(black butler,soul eater,blue excorsits,your name,the seven deadly sins,attack on titan,etc.),fnaf,animations,
undertale,gravity falls,hamilton, and villanous
-youtubers I know: pewdiepie,cyber,
ijustwannahavefun, vivziepop,hyanna natsu, David dobrik, lizza koshy, domplays,and Jordan persegati
-I ADORE art
-I play the violin(such a beautiful instrument)
- i am a Gemini though some people say I'm cancer (June 21)
-my favorite animal is deers
That's it my insane children hope you have a bloodyfull day🔅 and night🌙
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