Bertha - \ BUR-THUH \ 

A homo sapiens with a female genitalia, disgracing the human race from time to time.


1. She's a Fil-Am half Filipino, half Amazing yeah!

2. An unpredictable piece of art.

3. She's a character in a book having no existence outside the imagination of her author.

4. She's madly in love with a guy who has a dark brown hair, a little vulnerable, a painter , someone who wears all black, bites his nail (like always Burthuh do), is likely to pull his sleeves down over his hand, thoughtful and stubborn, perfectly confident, is majoring Sarcasm and has a kick ass attitude.

5. She's married to Jonathan Christopher Herondale, forever in love with Will Herondale, Mistress of Dimitri Belikov and visited by Adrian Ivashkov in her dreams and she has a big crush on Julian Blackthorn.

6. Most people find her frank and 'maarte'.

7. She tends to be very lazy and clumsy at times

8. She tends to sniff the people she loves.

also see Goddess


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I Love You Still #1 (on-hold)

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