I'm an eleventh-grader. A 16-year old Filipina. I enjoy reading English and Filipino romantic novels. A fan of high-quality Watty books, I try my best as a writer.

I collect books and notebooks. :)

I'm also a big fan of Michael Jackson. I plan to have my own collection of his albums someday. When I grow up, I want to be a professional author and engineer at the same time. My dream company is SKF, a Swedish company. Also, I am a very sensitive person. If ever you will criticize my book negatively, please be nice.

About the genre I write: I don't know why, but it's hard for me to write a teen fiction. It's easier for me to write an adult fiction novel. Before I write, I always research to improve accuracy. Arranged marriage is my thing.

Awesome Authors:

@KendrickSupnet (talented author | a friend of mine)

@nanananami (talented author | a classmate/friend of mine)

@AerithSage (talented author | Greek myth stories)

@SinaidKincaid16 (amazing stories | she's a nice person)

@AkoSiKarl6 (my one and only male best friend | check his stuffs out)

@Shinrayuki42 (beastfriend | check his cheesy stuff)

Highest Rankings:
~ JAH [41-ChickLit; 85-Non-Teen]
~ Ten Series
~ Taming Trevor and An Obsessive Love Story. The story is interconnected to one another, Taming Trevor is the werewolf version and AOLS is the realistic version).
~ A Vampire story
~ Walang Forever (Forever Does Not Exist)
External link of the trailer: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=853308461379396&set=vb.100001007512629&type=2&theater
~ @The_Awesome_People where I do collabs. Check "Dreams Don't Lie" out.
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indxcvnovelist indxcvnovelist Jun 02, 2015 07:16AM
I am already that harsh... removing a story from my library when i disliked it. XD
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