" living without passion is like being dead "

- jeon jungkook

" don't be trapped in someone else's dream "

- kim taehyung

" go on your path, even if you live for a day "

- park jimin

" even if you're not perfect, you're limited edition "

" everything is nothing. nothing is everything. i feel like this universe is full of contradictions "

- kim namjoon

" we all look ugly in the morning " (this was too good im sorry lol)

- min yoongi

" if you don't work hard, there won't be good results "

- jung hoseok

" win. lose. i don't care. because at the end of the day i still have this face, so who's the real winner here? "

- kim seokjin

other random quotes --

" teamwork makes the dream work "
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