I'm 14yearsold, I really like pie and other food objects. Ihate when people pretense to be mixed cause it offensive. My real mixed baby is @alexander2583. I am also 5'3 and weigh 101LB of awesomeness, I can put up 54% of my own body mass{I'm probably stronger that you, even if you weigh more}, I have three natural hair colors, but I'd classify my self as a brunet. I'm the crazy up in your flakes!!! I also have obsessive coma syndrome. I have been said to be very random by my friends.{ i for one can't see it} my sister drove her car into the back of my moms and I laughted so hard{i tended to have mixed emotions}, if I were her or my mother it would be funny but I wasn't, so, yeah! also if you fan me and @alexander2583 (my twin/cousin.) I'll fan yo back right away and so will she.
I love candy; but I'm allergic to the ones with peanuts. I don't know why I just do, but when I think about it you don't need a reason to love something; if you have a reason than you don't love it you like it. I like dogs cause there all cut and lovable. I love reading and writing. I love myself, duh!!! I love Taylor Daniel Lautner or as i call him sexy-pants he is also the best view can think of
The things I say, you wouldn't dare think of. I say what i want, what you won't. {if you don't like it then don't listen}
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