Hi I'm a person who spends all their spare time watching anime, listening to Kpop, or reading fanfics/manga. Also I have this problem where I will randomly start talking in Japanese or Korean instead of English. *facepalm*


Here are some random facts about me

1)I am a HUGE otaku
2)I love Vocaloid especially Hatsune Miku
3)I am obsessed with the following manga/anime
-Skip Beat
-Fairy Tail
-Sword Art Online(1 and 2)
-Full Metal Alchemist
-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
And many more :)
4)I like the following Korean pop groups/solo artists:
-Block B
5)I want to go to Japan or South Korea (not North)
7)My real name is Nicole



All fanfics (current/coming soon)

-(current) What Am I Really?
D.Gray-Man fanfic
-(current) I'm Not Weak... I'm A Queen
Fairy Tail fanfic
-(coming soon)The Flames That Never Burn
Ao No Exorcist fanfic
-(coming soon) Raised By the Enemy
D.Gray-man fanfic
-(current) Just the Beginning
Harry Potter fanfic


Original Books (coming soon)

-(ON HOLD) Depressing Things I Come Up With Because I'm Depressing
-Dark Angels
-Ocean Blue
-My Revenge
-All Alone
-Abused(might not do this)
-Cherry Blossoms


Let's explore the bottomless pit I call my brain together!

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Stories by Kpop Freakazoid :3
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I'm Not Weak... I'm a Queen
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Raised By the Enemy by imaweirdperson4
Raised By the Enemy
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