Hey there! Not sure what you're doing here since this account is dryer than the Sahara desert, but thanks for checking it out! I don't have any works on here so if that's what you were looking for then I am deeply sorry for disappointing you. Go check out my younger sister's profile @Syrupstories though and give her a follow.

So... about me. I'm just a normal (ehh...), quiet (most of the time), high school girl. I love music, art, books, and cute things! I am clumsy, get okay grades, and am not so great at sports (except swimming and badminton, I am quite proud of my mermaid skills and hand-eye coordination).

Also, as you can probably tell, I'm not much of a writer. I am working on that... sort of. Reading is my preference. Often stay up all night doing just that! (And meanwhile undergo the transformation from human girl to zombie girl). Yes, I am completely aware that this makes me a total bookworm but it's fine, I happen to be a proud zombie bookworm.

Anyway... if you're still here and are reading this, thank you! You are truly a kind soul and I sincerely apologize for wasting your precious time. You may go on with your day now.
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