Hello there ^__^V
Im not really good at writing stories though I fancy making it.
But imagination hates me thats why the outcome of my novel/story is bad.
I mean not literally bad, its just that, it isnt that good enough for the readers, I guess?
Ugh. Please read my story and feel free to comment.
I'd like to take some suggestions, compliments, anything. :)
Please do tell me if there's something wrong to the whole plot of my story.
It'll be a big help :D
Sorry for the grammatical errors, I hate English. Ya know?
They make me sick XD
Well, thank you for reading this.

Oh, before I forgot, I'd like to know you.
You can add me up on facebook.
Thats my new account.
The other one is confidential. Sorry for that.
Have a happy reading! :)
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