Wish me the best! One month countdown until the final crunch for exams . . . Love ya'll and thanks for the bday wishes xx <3


I came back on wattpad after being gone for a long time and honestly you made an impact on me I love the stories you wrote I hope you’ll come back one day even more talented than ever ❤️❤️ hope you’re alright and safe 


Hey! I hope you are alright. Its been a while since you have been active. And we miss you. Please come back soon. Until then, we love you . 


hi leo, i hope ur doing well mentally n in school. still waiting for u to return after u finish ur exams :) 


Heyy dude I hope you're doing great out there we missing u a lot here hoechacho
          Ahhhh I swear how i miss u meh flying poy xD
          I miss ya poetry ya stories I miss spamming u all day the pranks daidai tifftaff nd the others hhhhh
          It's actually so nice seeing all the friends still coming by every once in a while dropping a message :')
          I hope you return a little you're an amazing writer and a dear friend to us all
          Tenga cuidado chico volador :') ❤️


Nice work mister idkwtfareyou but I'm here for the conversations honestly and to c how all dis people are actually talking here without taking any reply  like people ITS/HES/SHES NOT ANSWERING  y keep spamming