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Well, look who finally decided to produce some music *stares at Pete Wentz disapprovingly*

I hate Pete Wentz with a fiery passion

So I'm not going to lie, I hate when people list out all of their bands and interests in their bios in a list so I'm just going to mention some of the things I like and you can figure the rest out from my books

Me: I know French
French person: *starts speaking to me in French*
Me: Now listen, when I said I know French I meant half a year on Duolingo

I do not like MCR please do not even try to talk to me about them because unless you're talking about Pete Wentz's association with them, I really do not care

I pride myself in one thing and one thing only: my killer cd collection

I'm still dying over that Johnlock hug in s4 and also that obvious Johnlock in The Final Problem...the book from 1893 not the episode

That's another thing I pride myself upon: the fact that I have every Sherlock book that exists on my bookshelf

My outfit consists of mainly flannels and sweatshirts but if you're lucky you might catch me in a baggy band t-shirt

Fred and George Weasley did not get enough representation in the books nor in the movies and that still makes me angry to this day

Honestly I love Dean Winchester like he may be problematic af at times but he's a cutie and also his eyes are beautiful

Castiel's eyes are also beautiful like dANG the only other person with eyes that bright of blue is Joe Trohman (I didn't know how to word this sentence)

Before I go let me get one thing straight: I'm not

Yeah okay that's all

I would die for Pete Wentz

**There will be NO PETERICK IN MY SWAMP, this is a strictly Joetrick family**
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This is probably the only time I'll ever write my own thing here but I would just like everyone to know that I have done nothing but watch the Sixteen Candles video for the past two hours
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